About Our Products

We are pleased to introduce Bravo Corporation (PVT) Ltd as one most finest and upfront Supplier of industrial tools with quality and durability that we supply up to the international standards in Sri Lanka. Bravo Corporation (PVT) Ltd has over 5-year experience in engineering supplies with the local and international organizations.

Our high-quality branded products and services are designed in Germany and manufactured in Turkey with focusing on introducing innovative production trends in Sri Lanka.

Drill Bits and Router Bits

Renowned drill bits, for wood, glass, metal, Concrete etc. with maximizing productivity.

Cutting Wheels

Cutting Wheels, that have fastest cut rate in the market with long lasting for metal and stainless steel.

Silicon Sealant

High performance silicone sealant with highly resistant to weather, temperature, water and chemicals for glass tiles ceramics, fiberglass, aluminum, No-oily woods, painted surfaces, plastics and other non – porous surfaces.